Scythe Streaker is a platformer made for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam by the Plague of Minds team using Unity.  All assets (artwork, code, music and sfx) were created during the jam by the team with the exception of the free to use font called "Toothy" which was borrowed from FMOfficial here on (Thanks FMOfficial!).

The Ludum Dare 46 theme of "Keep it Alive" is fulfilled by keeping your "STREAK" alive in the game.  A "streak" is slang for keeping a winning activity going repeatedly. In this case, your streak is trying to slay the monsters while never touching the ground.  A total of 10 rooms await the intrepid gamer ready to undertake this adventure.  Between each room, an opportunity to obtain upgrades to your streak abilities are available.  It's time to pick up your scythe and get streaking!

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