Murder Pig 

is a strategy game for the Mix and Game Jam (2019) which had a theme of "Dimension Change".  For this game the "dimension change" was to use 2D sprites on a  3 dimensional plane for the game board.   In addition, a typical 2D matching game was done in a 3D format.  Yes we know, not the most original....but you can still murder some crazy pig creatures (also originally named Pigbat and Pibgeast).  We apologize with the state of our game.

INSTRUCITONS:  Match symbols on the board in order to cast spells and do away with the evil Pigbat and and Pibgeast opponents.  Move your mouse over the scroll on the left to match symbols to cast spells. Yellow/Tan symbols appear when you use the white symbols. End your turn to start spawning the enemies.  Navigate the spotlight(targeting system) with WASD.

Fun Facts:  This is Plague of Minds first 3D game with all of the team's exeperience previously having been devoted to 2D platformer style games.  All content including artwork, programming, and original music was created during the jam from scratch.  

Thanks for taking the time to check out our entry and thanks in advance for any feedback you provide.

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